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This selectivity of Pregabalin is very important, since other phosphodiesterases (except PDE-5) are involved in vital processes in the body. The activity of Pregabalin is 700 times higher in relation to PDE-5 than to PDE-6, and 9000 times more powerful in relation to PDE-5 compared to the effect on PDE-8, PDE-9 and PDE-10. In comparison with PDE-11, the activity is 14 times higher

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lyrica improves erection and increases the likelihood of full intercourse. In healthy individuals, there was no significant change in blood pressure compared with placebo in the standing and lying positions, as well as in heart rate. Pregabalin does not affect visual acuity, color recognition, pupil size, intraocular pressure and electroretinogram.

The drug does not affect the morphology and motility of sperm. Only one study reported a decrease in mean sperm concentration compared with placebo, which was associated with increased ejaculation. lyrica also does not affect the average concentrations of sex hormones, follicle-stimulating hormone, luteinizing hormone and testosterone.

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In the course of clinical studies, when using the drug once a day, an improvement in erection was observed with all degrees of severity of erectile dysfunction. Pregabalin is rapidly absorbed after oral administration of the tablets. The degree and speed of absorption does not depend on food intake, as well as the time of taking the drug (morning or evening). The maximum plasma concentration of Pregabalin is reached after about 2 hours.

Pharmacokinetic parameters of the drug in patients with erectile dysfunction are similar to those in healthy individuals without erectile dysfunction.?

Pregabalin is distributed into body tissues. The average volume of distribution is about 63 liters. Pregabalin is 94% bound to plasma proteins (with impaired renal function, this indicator does not change). Less than 0.0005% of the dose taken is found in semen in healthy individuals.

The AUC (area under the concentration-time curve) of Pregabalin in the dose range of 2.5–20 mg increases in proportion to the dose. After 5 days of a single daily intake of lyrica, equilibrium plasma concentrations of Pregabalin are achieved.

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As a result of the metabolism of Pregabalin, methylcatecholglucuronide (the main circulating metabolite) is formed. Its activity is 13,000 times lower than that of Pregabalin, so the concentration of this metabolite is of no clinical significance.

The half-life averages 17.5 hours. About 61% of the dose taken is excreted in the feces and about 36% in the urine (the drug is mainly excreted in the form of inactive metabolites).

lyrica is indicated for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in adult men.

lyrica tablets are taken orally, regardless of food intake, but no later than 16 minutes before the planned sexual activity.

1 - were recorded in patients with a history of cardiovascular risk factors. But it is not possible to determine reliably whether these reactions are directly associated with previously observed risk factors, with the patient's sexual arousal, with taking Pregabalin, or with a combination of existing or other factors.

2 - sudden hearing loss was recorded in several cases during post-marketing and clinical studies of the use of all PDE-5 inhibitors, including Pregabalin.

3 - adverse reactions recorded during post-marketing studies, but not observed in clinical placebo-controlled studies.

When taking Pregabalin in doses up to 500 mg per day once (in healthy individuals) and in doses up to 100 mg per day multiple times (in persons with erectile dysfunction), the undesirable effects of lyrica were similar to those that occur when taking lower doses.

In case of an overdose of the drug, standard symptomatic therapy is prescribed. Hemodialysis is practically ineffective.

There is evidence of cases of priapism due to the use of PDE-5 inhibitors, including Pregabalin.

It is required to notify patients of the need to immediately seek medical attention for an erection lasting more than 4 hours. Failure to treat priapism can damage the tissues of the penis, resulting in irreversible impotence.

NAPION (non-arterial anterior ischemic optic neuropathy) is the cause of visual impairment, up to and including its complete loss. There are rare data of post-marketing observations about episodes of the development of NAPION, associated in time with therapy with PDE-5 inhibitors.

Today it is impossible to determine directlyWhether the development of NAPION and the intake of PDE-5 inhibitors depends, or other factors affect.

Patients with sudden loss of vision are required to immediately stop taking Pregabalin and seek help from spelyricats. It should be borne in mind that if there is a history of NAPION, the risk of re-development is increased.

There is no data on the effectiveness of the use of the drug lyrica in patients after surgery on the pelvic organs and / or radical neurosaving prostatectomy.

The incidence of dizziness during therapy with Pregabalin and when taking placebo is the same.

Despite this, during treatment, care should be taken when driving vehicles and engaging in other potentially hazardous activities that require speed of psychomotor reactions and increased concentration of attention.

lyrica is used only in men. The drug is not intended for use in women.

According to the instructions, it is forbidden to prescribe lyrica to children and adolescents under 18 years of age.

In case of severe renal failure, the use of lyrica is possible only in cases of extreme necessity and with the observance of special precautions.

In moderate renal failure (with creatinine clearance of 31-50 ml / min), back pain was observed more often than in patients with mild renal insufficiency (creatinine clearance 51-80 ml / min) or healthy volunteers.

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With a creatinine clearance of 50 ml / min or less, lyrica is prescribed with caution.

Positive reviews about lyrica on the forums are confirmed by the results of clinical trials. So, when taking the drug at a dose of 20 mg, 81% of patients with varying degrees of severity of erectile dysfunction showed an improvement in potency.

Despite the good tolerance of lyrica, some reviews mentioned side effects such as headache, dizziness, heartburn, back pain and muscle pain. In some reports, there was information that the morning after taking the pills, there was a sensation similar to an alcoholic hangover. Before using the drug, you must carefully read the instructions, and also remember that in the absence of sexual arousal, lyrica is ineffective, since it only provides blood flow to the genitals, but does not cause arousal.

Tablets are almond-shaped, with a biconvex surface, yellow coated, marked "C 5" on one side. Drugs for the treatment of urological diseases. Other drugs for the treatment of urological conditions, including antispasmodics. Drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

After oral administration, Pregabalin is rapidly absorbed. The average maximum concentration (Cmax) in plasma is reached on average 2 hours after ingestion. The speed and degree of absorption of Pregabalin do not depend on food intake, so the drug can be taken regardless of food intake. Time taken (morning or evening) has no clinically significant effect on the rate and extent of absorption.

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